SKYCAP LLC - Launching Woven Placemats on Amazon


SKYCAP LLC, a company specializing in high-quality home decor, decided to expand its product line by launching woven placemats on Amazon. They approached us to help them with the entire process, from setting up their Amazon account to achieving substantial sales.


To successfully launch and establish SKYCAP LLC’s woven placemats on Amazon, achieving significant sales growth within the first half of the year.


  1. Market Research: Conducted in-depth market research to identify demand, competition, and pricing strategies for woven placemats.
  2. Product Listing Optimization: Created compelling product listings with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and optimized keywords to enhance visibility.
  3. Pricing Strategy: Implemented a competitive pricing strategy to attract initial buyers and gain market traction.
  4. Advertising Campaigns: Launched targeted Amazon PPC campaigns to increase product visibility and drive traffic to the listings.
  5. Inventory Management: Ensured optimal inventory levels to meet demand without stock outs or overstocking.
  6. Customer Engagement: Implemented a customer feedback loop to gather reviews and improve product ratings.


  • Total Order Items: 4,020
  • Units Ordered: 5,169
  • Ordered Product Sales: $129,315.78
  • Average Units/Order Item: 1.29
  • Average Sales/Order Item: $32.17

Sales Performance Analysis: 

  • Sales Growth: SKYCAP LLC’s woven placemats experienced a steady increase in sales, particularly notable in March and October, as seen in the sales graphs.
  • Comparison to Last Year: The current year’s sales of 5,169 units and $129,315.78 in revenue significantly surpassed last year’s performance, which stood at 3,095 units and $91,073.50 in sales.

Key Takeaways:

1. Effective Launch Strategy: The combination of market research, optimized listings, and targeted advertising played a crucial role in the successful launch.

2. Consistent Monitoring and Adjustment: Regular monitoring and adjusting strategies based on performance metrics helped maintain growth momentum.3. Customer-Centric Approach: Engaging with customers and incorporating their feedback led to improved product ratings and increased trust.

Skycap LLC


The successful launch and growth of SKYCAP LLC’s woven placemats on Amazon demonstrate the importance of a well-rounded strategy. By focusing on market research, product listing optimization, competitive pricing, and customer engagement, SKYCAP LLC achieved impressive sales and established a strong presence in the market.

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