Product Research

A good product is the foundation of any profitable Amazon store. Finding a product can be a difficult and tedious task, and this is where our expertise come in. We have multi-functional premium tools and hunt high demand, low competition products for our clients. These hot selling products are proven with statistics and our dedicated team will guide you to realize the true profit potential of those products

Patent Check

Trademark & copyright are tricky issues and can frustrate even well-established Amazon sellers. With understanding of Amazon, these problems are easy to deal with but if not dealt properly can lead to account suspension. We provide Patent Check services so that you feel safe when launching a new product in the market. This is also the first step for your trademark registration process.

Product Sourcing

The step to manufacture the product under your brand can be complicated and sometimes negotiation with suppliers don’t give a satisfying quotation. But worry not! We have a team of experts who can get you through all these tasks. This includes finding the best quotation suppliers, getting their samples to evaluate quality, inspect the production at regular intervals and shipping the inventory to Amazon warehouse.

Listing Content

We work on delivering highly sought out “Retail Ready” listings having aesthetically pleasant front end and Search Engine Optimized back end. This allows for a higher conversion rate and greater profit potential. This involves a detailed keyword analysis to get all the keywords which generate sales and customer attention. Title, bullet points, Product description and images are then used in compliance with Amazon TOS.

Launching & Ranking

Ranking is all about getting enough visibility for the customers to view your listing. Our motto is to rank your product on top spot. To achieve that, we run various social media advertisement and attract customers from all kinds of platforms to your Amazon listing. This gets the Amazon algorithm to evaluate your listing higher and it gets ranked on the desired spot.

Day to Day Maintenance (VA)

As a VA, our team will handle all the tasks for you so as to give you a pleasant selling experience. These tasks involve shipping plan creation, inventory management, daily and weekly reports so that you can track your progress, sponsored ads (PPC) campaign set up and optimization, customer support and resolve any case with Amazon among others.