Alpha Pro Deals’ Amazon Success Story

Where We Started:

Alpha Pro Deals, a well-known retail chain of mobile shops in Canada, decided to expand their business into the Amazon marketplace. They sought a credible agency to manage their investment effectively and came to us through a referral from one of our satisfied clients. Their goal was to break into the Amazon electronics category, leveraging their existing retail experience and our expertise.

Alpha Pro Deals’ Initial Challenges:

  • Transitioning from physical retail to e-commerce
  • Lack of experience with Amazon retail operations
  • Need for optimized product listings
  • Effective inventory management for online sales
  • Focus on the electronics category

What We Proposed:

To ensure Alpha Pro Deals’ success on Amazon, we developed a comprehensive strategy focusing on market research, supplier onboarding, listing optimization, and efficient inventory management, specifically targeting the electronics category.

We offered:

  • Market Research: Identified high-demand electronics products with competitive pricing.
  • Supplier Onboarding: Established reliable supplier relationships in the EU and US for consistent product availability.
  • Listing Optimization: Created clear, attractive product listings with high-quality images and strategic keywords. (The client has also some PL listings)
  • Inventory Management: Ensured optimal stock levels to avoid running out or overstocking.
  • Customer Service: Provided quick responses and resolved issues promptly to keep customers happy.


Here’s how we executed our plan:

  1. Market Research: Conducted thorough market analysis to identify profitable electronics products.
  2. Supplier Onboarding: Connected with reliable suppliers in the EU and US to ensure a steady product flow.
  3. Listing Optimization: Enhanced product listings with clear descriptions, high-quality images, and strategic keyword placement. (The client has also some PL listings)
  4. Inventory Management: Closely monitored inventory levels and restocked popular items to meet demand.
  5. Customer Service: Improved customer support to quickly address buyer questions and concerns.


Our strategic efforts led to outstanding results. From January 2022 to January 2023, Alpha Pro Deals achieved impressive sales figures on Amazon:

  • Total Order Items: 1,347
  • Units Ordered: 1,669
  • Ordered Product Sales: $254,827.81
  • Average Units per Order Item: 1.24
  • Average Sales per Order Item: $189.18

These figures highlight the significant growth of Alpha Pro Deals’ Amazon business, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategy and the dedication of their team.

Sales data and business report showing the impressive performance from January 2022 to January 2023.

Alpha Pro Deals
Alpha Pro Deals - Business Report
Alpha Pro Deals - Account Health


Alpha Pro Deals’ transformation from a physical retail chain to a thriving Amazon retailer in the electronics category is a testament to strategic planning and effective execution. By optimizing listings, managing inventory efficiently, and providing excellent customer service, we helped Alpha Pro Deals achieve over $254,000 in sales within a year.

Partnering with E-leevate was a fantastic decision for us. Transitioning from our mobile shops in Canada to the Amazon marketplace was a big step, and their expertise made it seamless. Their strategic approach, especially in the electronics category, was spot on. Achieving over $254,000 in sales in just one year is incredible. We're thrilled with the results and excited for the future growth of our Amazon business.

Alpha Pro Deals -


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